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November 28, 2006

Using an SB50 Brake Pack with Synchronous Motors.

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There is a difference of winding between ACmotors and Synchronous Motors.

Motor                 resistance              resistance
of main winding       of auxikiary winding
3IK15GN-A           53.5Ω                  77Ω
3IK15GN-AW      59.6Ω               58.8Ω
3IK15GN-AUL      70.3Ω               71Ω
3SK10GN-A         57.6Ω              306.8Ω
3SK10GN-AUL      71.2Ω               234.8Ω

This winding difference makes higher voltage between the terminal of capacitor.
So the rated voltage of synchronous motor’s capacitor is 400WV and ACmotor is 250WV.
And this makes it possible to damage SB50.This is the reason why we don’t recommend
synchronous motor+brakepack.

If the customer must use brake pack with synchronous motor, please recommend SB31-IN with
following connection. This connection is the only way to protect the brackpack with using synchronous motor.

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