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October 7, 2006

Replacing 220/240 VAC motors.

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These p/n’s are older K Series motors designed for the European market. When these were designed for 220/240, the stator targeted around 230V (middle of 220 and 240). Movex show these are “D” ranked, so now obsolete.

With the -CW motor, the stator design targets around 215V (middle of 200 and 230). This is a different design that one targeted for 230 (middle of 220 and 240). Today, OM only supplies World K type motors to Europe, as there have not been any “new designs” of 220/240 motors. Therefore the customer has these options:
1. Order a special motor for 240VAC or,
2. Use a transformer and a -CW motor or,
3. Use the -CW and test for temperature rise.

2 other important points:
1. Make sure the capacitor’s voltage is rated at about 2x that of the applied voltage. (e.g., 220VAC needs 450V cap., and 250VAC needs 500V cap.)
2. At high voltages, there will be much more torque (torque is proportional to the square of the voltage), so the gearhead will receive more shock during accel. and decel.

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