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October 3, 2006

Can I write a conditional statement in the SC8800E to test the various IO, such as the home limit status?

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You can individually, or globally, test for only the 4 programmable inputs.  See page 55 of the manual.  You cannot directly test the parameter, “IO”, within the SC8800E, such as the case where the Home limit I/O bit changes from 0 to 1.  You could, however, send an ASCII string from an external source [IO, then CR (carriage return)], and then the SC8800E would reply with a 15 character status.  You could then parse this information to determine the status of I/O bit D, which is the Home limit status.  See page 57 of the manual for more info.

Q: Can VS can be a stored value?

A: No.  VS itself is a volatile parameter.  VS stays the same value to which it was set in either immediate mode or program mode, until it is changed.  If you ever lose power, it will default back to 5, unless a program (CONFIG or some other) changes this value.  Program variables (W, X, Y, Z), however, can be stored, even when power goes off.

Program Home

With this program, you could send the ASCII string, X=200, run the program Home, and the VS value then becomes 200.  Subsequent changes in X would then change the VS value.


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