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September 26, 2006

If a certain part of the world has a nominal voltage of 250VAC, which means 250 VAC +/- 10%, or up to 275VAC, can we recommend a capacitor for the 275VAC condition?

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Using a transformer is the best way to handle a 250VAC nominal voltage, when using a 220/230VAC motor

This maintains the UL status, and will not shorten the life of the capacitor. If the 250VAC were a temporary spike, that would be OK, but this is different.

In any event, it is difficult to accurately calculate a capacitance value, and trial and error is necessary to make sure that the case temperature is maintained to less than 90°C. Testing with the actual application is the best way, but given a basic friction load, OM Jpn could set up a test to then measure minimum loss input, which then will yield the optimal capacitance.

Since there is a large difference between 200/230 and 250V, there is a possibility that a reduction in capacitance may not be effective enough. I.e., the stator winding design has to change. That is why you cannot use an –AW motor with 200V and the corresponding capacitor for 200V. The magnetic balance in the stator would be off.


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